925 sterling silver enamel flagon glass wine tool gift set
925 sterling silver enamel flagon glass wine tool gift set
925 sterling silver enamel flagon glass wine tool gift set
925 sterling silver enamel flagon glass wine tool gift set
925 sterling silver enamel flagon glass wine tool gift set
925 sterling silver enamel flagon glass wine tool gift set
925 sterling silver enamel flagon glass wine tool gift set
925 sterling silver enamel flagon glass wine tool gift set

925 sterling silver enamel flagon glass wine tool gift set

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Benefits of using silverware and flatware:
1. Silver is an inert metal that is less susceptible to chemical reactions, so it is not affected by heavy metals.
2. silver has good heat dissipation, water soluble can reduce blood heat, play a role in softening the heart and brain blood vessels.
3. Silver ion sodium ions released by silver tea with tea can act as a disinfectant. A very small amount of silver is dissolved in water as silver ions.
4. Silver ions can sterilize, and as long as two hundred parts per billion silver ions per liter of water is enough to kill most bacteria. Silver tea with boiled water can make the water soft and thin.
5. Cutlery may contain water, milk, soup, etc. for a long time without being ground, fermented and smelly, and plays a role in sterilization and disinfection. Since silver can form trace amounts of silver ions in water, it absorbs bacteria and inactivates the enzymes that depend on respiration, causing the bacteria to die quickly.
6. silver chopsticks, silver spoons, silver cups and other tableware, with disinfection, sterilization, activate cells, promote the body detoxification regimen, accelerate metabolism, strengthen disease resilience. Long-term use has the effect of increasing energy and prolonging life.
7. Silver has strong bactericidal capacity and no harm to humans and animals. Currently, more than half of the world's airlines have used silver water filters. Swimming pools in many countries are also cleaned with silver, and purified water does not irritate the swimmer's eyes and skin like water purified with chemicals.


Silver silver tableware drink precautions and maintenance methods:

1 After each use, gently dry the water with a soft, dry cloth.
2 when the silver color turns black, use a silver cloth or silver bar to clean it.
3 if not used for a long time, wrap it with a soft cloth or paper and prevent it from being stored in a cool place.
4 Before using the silver cup, pour 1/3 of the warm water not exceeding 60c, wash the cup and preheat, shake gently and pour (do not directly inject the boiling water into the cup, because the silver lining is too much soft, Instantly, a large amount of boiling water will expand and contract, causing deformation of the inner tank.)
5 If there are stains or discoloration during use, carefully polish with silver cloth or silver powder. If you don't use it for a long time, wipe it with a soft cloth or paper and keep it in a cool place.
6 after pouring hot water, do not tighten the cover too tightly to prevent the silver lining from deforming due to excessive pressure.
7 When the silver cup is not in use, gently wipe away the moisture in the cup with a dry cloth or paper towel to keep it dry.
8 after brewing coffee with tea, try to get into the habit of cleaning the silver cup. For example, if tea scale is produced, you can use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste to gently clean the surface of the liner. 5. The discoloration of the silver lining surface during use is a normal oxidation phenomenon. But please don't worry, it won't affect your usage, you can also use toothpaste or white vinegar for cleaning.
9 It is prohibited to come into contact with acid and alkali and strong corrosive substances, and it is not suitable to collide with hard objects.

For reference, the size is slightly wrong with manual measurement. Lots of products may change, please refer to the actual product. Although photos are taken in kind due to environment, light, display and other reasons, small color differences are normal.

Informations about the product:
 In 2002, at the china silver annual meeting, yongxing county was named "china silver capital" by the silver branch of the china non-ferrous metals association. Yinxing County's silver production represents a quarter of the country's total, and gold and silver smelting has a history of over 300 years.

Material: S999 silver


Product customization:

The company can customize the production of silver bars, silver badges, silver ornaments, silver ornaments, tea sets, cups, cutlery, silver jewelry and other crafts, design, production, 15 to 30 days to complete.









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